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How To Change Your Past

Alas, the actual past is immutable, and we must sooner or later disengage our imagination to confront reality and deal with our past choices. Plus any associated regret. But what if the past was not immutable? Would we regret past bad decisions more or less? Since our brains create our experience of reality, what if we could make our brains believe that the past is pliable? How would such an illusion affect the way that we would feel then about our past choices, and the moral decisions that we may face in the future?

Embiggening English: The Simpsons and changing language

Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, and their friends in Springfield, Wherever-it-is, have given us fancy words of pure invention, worthy of Lewis Carroll, like cromulent ‘legitimate, but not really’, and words built from worthy English parts, like the blend of opposites in craptacular ‘crappy, with attitude’ and embiggening ‘enlarging’, as well as catch phrases like cowabunga, dude!, and Don’t have a cow. Embiggening is the sort of word you make up from scratch when you’re lacking the edumacation to know that enlarge already exists, and edumacation is the sort of word you use if you also use embiggening.

How We ”Email” Hardware To Space

This is so cool and shows some of the true purpose for 3D printing. While “emailing” a wrench to space is a neat example, the true benefit will be expanding use to remote and underserved regions.