When Mr Putin became president he was seen as a pro-Western, economic liberal. He pledged to clamp down on the oligarchs who wielded power in the 1990s, and to restore the role of the state as chief arbiter. Instead, Ms Dawisha writes, he transformed “an oligarchy independent of and more powerful than the state into a corporatist structure in which oligarchs served at the pleasure of state officials, who themselves gained and exercised economic control…both for the state and for themselves.” The result is that 110 individuals control 35% of Russia’s wealth, according to Ms Dawisha.

How the Middle East’s First Nuclear War Started

A “fictional story by Mathew Burrows, who, for the past decade, has overseen the creation of the National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends Report—an intelligence-based futurist guide that has become essential reading for the White House as well as the Departments of State, Defense and Homeland Security.”

On HTML5 and the Group That Rules the Web

“Billions of humans will use the Web over the next decade, yet not many of those people are in a position to define what is ‘the Web’ and what isn’t. The W3C is in that position. So who is in this cabal? What is it up to? Who writes the checks?”