CustomMade »

A site that connects individual makers with buyers who want custom crafted furniture and decor. There are some gorgeous pieces on the site.

Typecast by Monotype »

Design with web fonts in the browser. Use Typecast to create visual and semantic designs. Check for readability, rendering and beauty then share a working prototype of your design. »

“a free and Open Source Software for building applications for the web and iOS. It is a complete backend for your apps, ready for you to get creative. It works immediately out-of-the-box: develop your frontend code, plug it into Hoodie’s frontend-friendly API and your app is ready.”

RemoteIE »

Use a cloud version of IE on Windows 10 Technical Preview to test from anywhere. Supports Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.

Levle »

Provide the dimensions of your poster, print or photo, and then preview different frame and mat combinations until you find the one that suits best. The final frame is handcrafted and shipped to your door within a week.

Simply Secure »

“a service organization that works with users, software developers, user-experience experts, designers, and the community of people striving to make ubiquitous privacy and security a reality”