IPac in Wired

Check out the Wired News story titled Battling the Copyright Big Boys, which provides a great introduction to what we, at IPac are building, and the goals we aim to accomplish. There is a lot to do, so if you have some time, and care about copyright and intellectual property issues (including whether or not you can record your favorite TV show), then stop by the IPac site, and sign up!

Donna Wentworth makes a great point concerning how to help us fight bad law. In her post about the story she recommends that people “give up today’s (and/or tomorrow’s) wildly over-priced Starbucks latte and make a donation to IPac.”

Chris Rush Cohen of the INDUCE Act Blog has also provided coverage and kind words regarding the IPac story. It’s great to see the word spreading!

IPac: Five of Six

Good news on the Intellectual Property front, as five of the six candidates supported by IPac won their races yesterday. The one exception was Brad Carson, who was contesting a tight Senate race in Oklahoma. While these six were the first, IPac is still quite young, and thus didn’t have the opportunity to have a large impact on the ’04 elections. The real focus is on preparing for the 2006 elections. Two years really isn’t all that long to achieve the goals on our list.

Reminder: IPac

The good folks at IPac have sent out their newsletter today, which reminded me that I need to remind everyone to check them out. If you aren’t familiar with the group, you may want to check out my earlier post about this important political action committee which is “dedicated to preserving individual freedom through balanced intellectual property policy”.

Intellectual Property PAC

IPac gives me hope that our rights as both innovators and consumers might survive the current onslaught of intellectual and copyright legislation.

IPac is a political action committee (or PAC) that is dedicated to creating balanced intellectual property policy. We support U.S. Congressional candidates who will be advocates for the public interest in debates over copyright and patent law, technology regulation, and other IP-related issues. IPac focuses on getting better, smarter, tech-savvy legislators into office while coordinating with other groups who engage in litigation, activism, and regulatory work.