A Cyanotype Looking for a Home

SabrinaUpdate: The piece has been claimed! Thanks everyone.

Many of you know that Sarah has created a series of cyanotypes over the last several years. Her works is beautiful, ethereal – feminine without being saccharine. Her largest piece is gorgeous and has hung in our previous homes, but sadly is much too large for any room in the house we now own. It’s also too large to store as it will need to remain somewhere with air conditioning. So, as much as we both hate to do it, we want to offer the piece to someone who does have the wall space for the piece. This piece in particular is named Sabrina – a dress both formless, yet flowing with movement.

The work is hand-stitched to canvas and measures 66 inches tall by 54 inches wide and one inch deep – yeah, this really is a big piece and will need a wall that can display the 5½ foot tall artwork.

If you’re interested, drop me a line and we’ll arrange a time for you to pick it up. The only cost to you is a promise to display the artwork.

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