HTTP Archive »

A “permanent repository of web performance information such as size of pages, failed requests, and technologies utilized. This performance information allows us to see trends in how the Web is built and provides a common data set from which to conduct web performance research.”

Inventables »

Awesome materials and tools to hack the physical world. The store sells “materials that designers, artists, and inventors use to develop new products and push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Amazon Cloud Drive »

“Amazon Cloud Drive is your hard drive in the cloud. Store your music, videos, photos, and documents on Amazon’s secure servers. All you need is a web browser to upload, download, and access your files from any computer.”

Plus 5GB free storage.

Fixed-Width vs. Responsive, Connect Four vs. Twister

Fixed-width design isn’t going away, because it’s easy. It’s like playing the game Connect Four versus playing Twister. One is simple and straightforward, the other multivariate, so much so that you can’t really formulate a one-size-fits-all strategy. Which isn’t to say people shouldn’t endeavor to do responsive sites, just that they can’t expect the heavy lifting to be done for them.

Nathan Smith on Google Buzz for .Net Magazine’s next “Big Question

J Hilburn »

This awesome – J. Hilburn is a direct-to-consumer manufacturer of custom men’s clothes. Choose your preferred fabric and style, provide your measurements and the clothing will be custom-tailored to fit you. The result is far less expensive than high-end stores and should provide a far better fit.