Chrome, Futura and Garbled Characters

For some reason Chrome on this machine (iMac running 10.6) doesn’t render Futura, which I use for my headlines, replacing it with extended characters. The site renders properly on MacBook Pro, which also runs 10.6. I’ve double-checked the character encoding and verified that removing Futura from the style sheet repairs the problem.

I’m digging in further, but if anyone out there knows of an explanation, I’d appreciate any help.


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    I’ve had this problem before with Times, and it turned out to be caused by a duplicate (corrupt) font being installed, which for some reason the browser was choosing over the one I intended. I’d recommend opening up Font Book and seeing if you have any other Futuras in there.

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    Thanks for the tip, I tried digging around, uninstalling and reinstalling the fonts all to no avail. I then decided to upgrade Chrome from the currently released version (5.x branch) to the beta build (7.x branch) and it all seems to be happy now. I’m not sure if the different browser versions made the difference or if reinstalling Chrome did it, but either way I’m good to go for the moment.

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