Weekly Digest for November 9th

A collection of my actions and interactions from around the Net over the last week.

twitter (feed #6) Sweet, @seesmic has added Twitter Lists to the new beta of Seesmic Desktop. This makes it possible/useful to follow lists. [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @iTweetMeat: As meat ages, it tenderizes due to proteolysis (enzymatic breakdown of tissue). Calpains help make it happen. [#]

twitter (feed #6) ‘Evolution Sucks’ added a needed bit of humor to this long day: http://j.mp/3SNdFX. Nature & science rock. Via @kathysierra [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @lexfri: Sorry, Maine-based gay people. We have to protect marriage so only us straights can divorce one out of every two times. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Coda Clips: "Coda-Clips.com aims to build a comprehensive repository of Clips from our own libr.. http://coda-clips.com/ [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading The Art of Community Now Available For Free Download: via @wcyarbrough "a solid guide to bu.. http://bit.ly/33vjsJ [#]

twitter (feed #6) It is an absolutely gorgeous evening to work on the patio of the Draught House, which luckily I am. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Finally, technology is useful: Amazon will let me set up a subscription to have aftershave delivered to me on a regular basis. [#]

An impressive doc that "contains the full reference guide to WP Template Tags with detailed descriptions and sample code."

twitter (feed #6) Reading WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet: An impressive doc that "contains the full reference guide to .. http://bit.ly/aWCEo [#]

twitter (feed #6) OH "It’s not a hack… It’s cleverness" and"They’ll figure it out and realize what programming gods we are." [#]

twitter (feed #6) "Just go for it! A case against punting" very interesting: http://j.mp/2ZByPU via @jamessummerlin [#]

googlereader (feed #3) Shared Isolation

twitter (feed #6) Looking forward to my day off. Coffee and then maybe I’ll check some things off of my to do list. Then again, I may not. Wacky, I know. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Sweet, the new Macheist bundle is out with some nice little apps. Better yet, it’s free. Check it: http://www.macheist.com/ [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading jitouch – Multitouch Extension for MacBook’s Trackpad http://bit.ly/1aSCxq [#]

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