Weekly Digest for December 14th

A collection of my actions and interactions from around the Net over the last week.

twitter (feed #6) Posted: Weekly Digest for December 7th http://bit.ly/8EaMhv [#]

twitter (feed #6) Picked up some canned food this morning for tonight’s Refresh/AOR/WordPress Austin party (we’re collecting for Capital Area Food Bank). [#]

via @ElijahManor

twitter (feed #6) I’ve decided that .7mm mechanical pencils are better than .5mm. Yeah, I’m a nerd. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Fancy Radio Buttons With jQuery: via @ElijahManor http://bit.ly/6uGJNn [#]

twitter (feed #6) Who’s coming to the Refresh/AustinonRails/Wordpress Austin party? http://j.mp/ra0912 If you can, bring a can for the Cap Area Food Bank. [#]

The reality of the situation is that you can’t please everybody. Any decision for a group larger than five (if not smaller) is likely to work out poorly for at least one member. Someone will likely feel slighted, if not altogether pissed off and you’ll hear about it. Luckily, it’s not your job to make […]

twitter (feed #6) Posted (KickSpark): You Can’t Please Everyone and You Shouldn’t Try http://bit.ly/6XH1Rn [#]

twitter (feed #6) ’bout to wander over to Bufallo Billiards for the Refresh Austin/Austin on Rails/Wordpress Austin party (starts at 7:00) [#]

twitter (feed #6) What an amazing night. Thanks to all from Refresh Austin, Austin on Rails and WordPress Austin who came out. I love this town. [#]

twitter (feed #6) It’s great to see people had a lot of fun last night. Thanks again for coming out and a big thanks to @rackspace for sponsoring the party [#]

twitter (feed #6) And a big thanks to @michellegreer, @damon and @pat_ramsey for bringing so many people together. I love this town. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Congrats to Austin-based @Gowalla who just raised $8.4 million. I can’t wait to see what they do next. http://bit.ly/4SEMf0 via @statesman [#]

twitter (feed #6) Just committed to Project52 which now has a site: http://project52.info One blog post a week in 2010. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Custom Events, and the Special Events API in jQuery: ""Web pages, for the most part, are event-driven. Lib… http://bit.ly/8tSJwt [#]

twitter (feed #6) Happy birthday @kimloop! Hope it’s a good one with many more to come. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading WPA Posters – a set on Flickr: ""Of the 2,000 WPA posters known to exist, the Library of Congress’s collect… http://bit.ly/6vCFxP [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @yehaskel: AT&T likes its iPhone cake, but doesn’t like you fanboys eating that much of it. http://digs.by/ywM [#]

twitter (feed #6) Yet another site that tells me that I have a "High" security password :), which they then send me in a plain text e-mail confirmation :( [#]

twitter (feed #6) Not a good sign: head feels hot, body is cold. This better not ruin the weekend. [#]

twitter (feed #6) I’ve watched way too much Ninja Warrior today, but as I dozed in and out, maybe I really haven’t watched much. I hate being sick. [#]

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