Weekly Digest for November 30th

A collection of my actions and interactions from around the Net over the last week.

twitter (feed #6) Reading jQSlickWrap: A jQuery plugin "which allows you to wrap content around irregularly shaped im.. http://bit.ly/4nagGl [#]

twitter (feed #6) Posted: Weekly Digest for November 23rd http://bit.ly/5DiFOp [#]

twitter (feed #6) Very excited about the @AustinOnRails/@RefreshAustin/WordPress Austin holiday party. Keep Dec. 8 open – details to come. [#]

twitter (feed #6) If you have more than one computer, and/or an iPhone, I highly recommend you use @DropBox (it’s free!): http://bit.ly/07IlieK [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading The 50 most interesting articles on Wikipedia: http://bit.ly/5SJoHy [#]

twitter (feed #6) Allergies hit me mid-afternoon. :p Not happy with this slightly sore throat. [#]

twitter (feed #6) The tortilla: humble yet awesome. [#]

twitter (feed #6) I really wish the Nintendo Screen Saver ran on Macs, but sadly I must lust after it from afar: http://j.mp/6keha8 [#]

twitter (feed #6) Posted (KickSpark): Two Questions to Ask Yourself http://bit.ly/8L4Twk [#]

twitter (feed #6) Holiday potluck was great. The best part of the meal was the bacon cheesecake.Yes, I said Bacon cheesecake. You may envy me now. [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @demandrichard: comScore’s Worldwide report for October just came out. Demand Media is #30, up from #31 last month. [Sweet!] [#]

twitter (feed #6) Kindle software update includes native PDF support (+ conversion to Kindle format) and better battery life: http://j.mp/5xJ4jw [#]

twitter (feed #6) Whole foods wasn’t insane yet, so my morning grocery run was speedy, now on to the next task before people begin filling the stores. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Picking up new dinner after the pan with our previous meal fell to the floor, filling the food wit — at House Pizzeria http://gowal.la/s/mZ9 [#]

twitter (feed #6) Picking up new dinner after the pan with our previous meal fell to the floor, filling the food with glass. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Updating my Kindle with the new firmware for PDF goodness and throwing a few custom images into the screensaver flow. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Very happy with the new PDF support on the Kindle. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Alex vs. Coconuts – Alex wins. Cocunuts don’t have power tools. [#]

twitter (feed #6) So far, for Thanksgiving (theme: everything on a stick): coconut shrimp, chorizo bites and roasted corn, next p salmon. This evening: Smores [#]

twitter (feed #6) Roasting homemade marshmallows for smores (left: chocolate marshmallow, right: Irish cream marshmallow). http://twitpic.com/r3dtl [#]

twitter (feed #6) I’m at Phil’s Icehouse in Austin, TX http://gowal.la/s/4xx [#]

twitter (feed #6) "don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do? Subtle innuendo follows; must be something inside" [#]

twitter (feed #6) At the Alamo Drafthouse to see Men Who Stare at Goats [#]

Two Questions to Ask Yourself

The hardest step is the first one, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s start with two key questions that will help you roll forward.

What Do I Do First?

Have you defined the purpose of the group? It doesn’t have to be fancy, but you need some semblance of purpose. Not sure? Start with something simple like “I want to hang out with other people interested in _______.”

Next, set a date, decide on a location (preferably with food and/or drink), call a meeting and spread the word by inviting the people you know who are interested in the topic and ask them to spread the word too.

Tip: Make it easy for people to recognize you. In your communication, tell people how they can recognize you and where they will find you – “I’m wearing a blue cap and an Atari t-shirt and I’ll be at the round table in the back”.

People are Here, So, What Do I Do Now?

So, you have everyone together, what’s next? Well, hopefully people will start chatting. Informal introductions are good, but it’s up to you to say hi to people, introduce yourself and attempt to get folks involved. Nothing fancy, just be friendly.

Tip: Try to come with a few questions, topics or ideas to discuss to kick off conversations and reduce conversation gaps.

As the event rolls forward, gauge people’s interest – are they having fun? would they like to meet up regularly? Hopefully you’ll get a yes on both counts or you’ll learn how to improve the next one. It’s time to set the follow-up gathering. You might want to do this while everyone’s there to see when they would like to meet next, or you can set up the next meeting later if that’s more convenient. Make sure to set up the next meeting shortly after the first.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Maintain your momentum. If this is fun, keep it going by setting regular meetings. In time you can decide if you like the group exactly as it is, or if you want to step up, which we’ll cover in an upcoming post.

Weekly Digest for November 23rd

A collection of my actions and interactions from around the Net over the last week.

twitter (feed #6) Reading The League of Moveable Type – Sorts Mill Goudy http://tinyurl.com/mqwh6g [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Public Gothic http://tinyurl.com/yhnkatx [#]

twitter (feed #6) Use a full screen view for better Web app demos. For Firefox or Safari use cmd-shift-F (ctrl for Windows). IE use F11. #protip [#]

twitter (feed #6) Austin Web Folks: I need a local Adobe AIR dev STAT for a project due by end of the year. Can you help a bald guy out? [#]

twitter (feed #6) Knocking tasks off of my to-do list. Life is good. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading On Web Typography: A great writeup of the intricacies inherent in choosing the right fonts for a.. http://bit.ly/2rIbGH [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Web Font Specimen: Real web type in real web context http://bit.ly/1r77g6 [#]

twitter (feed #6) Austin NoSQL Camp is set for Feb 2010 http://bit.ly/3Mi1Lq via @linearb [#]

twitter (feed #6) Posted: Type on the Web – An Evolutionary Shift http://bit.ly/254pAq [#]

twitter (feed #6) Posted: Weekly Digest for November 16th http://bit.ly/4pHbvy [#]

delicious (feed #10) Shared Chatrbox

"The super-light online chat app that uses Twitter for authentication. "

twitter (feed #6) Reading Chatrbox: "The super-light online chat app that uses Twitter for authentication. " http://chatrboxapp.com/ [#]

twitter (feed #6) Austin Web folks: join @atxryan and me at the Gingerman tonight (6ish) to discuss standardizing intra-organizational CSS. [#]

twitter (feed #6) The Laptop Steering Wheel Desk: http://j.mp/jrtNy Make sure to look at the customer submitted photos and reviews. [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @mrflip: Be there if you *are* square I guess? Combined @austinonrails and @refreshaustin party on December 8 at @buffaloatx [#]

twitter (feed #6) Hanging with @atxryan, @wcyarbrough, @nbonsack , @kimloop and @davatron5000 talking about CSS organization at the Gingerman. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Posted (KickSpark): test http://bit.ly/102cs [#]

twitter (feed #6) Posted (KickSpark): Ignite Your Community http://bit.ly/3iTfHy [#]

twitter (feed #6) At @gourdough‘s for lunch donuts with @sryder, @wcyarbrough and @deanburris. [#]

twitter (feed #6) The Mother Clucker from Gourdough’s http://pic.gd/1ef45a Mmm lunch donut. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Alex’s Review: @gourdough‘s was well worth the trip. The Mother Clucker (fried chicken strips w/ a light honey butter glaze) was very tasty. [#]

twitter (feed #6) He who controls the spice, controls the universe [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Razorfish’s Digital Brand Experience Report 2009: http://j.mp/3rYtnv Great slide design + useful information. HT @tori [#]

twitter (feed #6) Looking forward to tonight’s Tweetup at the Gingerman. Who else is goin’? http://twvt.us/aus [#]

twitter (feed #6) Afternoon pick me up (large latte at Halcyon, which gets bonus points for the animal crackers): http://twitpic.com/q9z8q [#]

twitter (feed #6) Hey Austin designers, @whurley is looking for solid graphic designers, email a portfolio to evilgenius @whurley .com if you’re interested. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Hanging with @chris_bailey at the Gingerman before tonight’s tweetup. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Hanging with@elchilecafe at the Gingerman. Damn I want breakfast tacos now. [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @sgharms: #rubyconf: Could it be that the veneration of _why is why he chose to disappear (see comic retweets today) Leto Atriedes style? [#]

twitter (feed #6) Following those I met at Friday night’s tweetup. Austin never disappoints, I met a variety of people, including one guy running for judge. [#]

Ignite Your Community

KickSpark is a resource for any and all interested in starting, expanding or reviving a group. We’ll discuss the tips, tricks, trials and tribulations that come with organizing a community. While most articles will center on communities that have a significant physical component, many of the techniques can be applied to online groups and loose social networks.

As this site grows, I will expand authorship to include voices of experience from around the world as there are many different methods that can lead to success, acknowledging that what may work well in one environment may not prove successful in another. I need you to help me steer the site and it content. Your questions, suggestions and tips are pivotal in the success of this site.



Type on the Web – An Evolutionary Shift

For designers and anyone interested in typography on the Web, I highly recommend you check out Web Font Specimen and the A List Apart article “Real Web Type in Real Web Context” that explains it. As we near a point where real typographic controls and options are available to us, its pivotal time for professionals to step up and gain (or remember) skills that haven’t been of use on the Web. The gap between good and great designs and designers will grow and the differences will be much more apparent at a glance and in the details.

If you haven’t had a chance to play with Typekit or learn about the various font embedding options (see The Potential of Web Typography: and Bulletproof @font-face Syntax) recently layered into browsers, now’s a good time to fatten up a few brain cells.

Weekly Digest for November 16th

A collection of my actions and interactions from around the Net over the last week.

twitter (feed #6) I somehow managed to stay off the Net for yesterday, so I’m just now catching up. Thanks all for the kind wishes! [#]

twitter (feed #6) Posted: Weekly Digest for November 9th http://bit.ly/2rWMVa [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @bantik: http://giveabrief.com/ lets you test ui prototypes on an iphone… Neat stuff. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Who’s coming to tonight’s Refresh Austin to learn how to build Firefox Extensions? http://bit.ly/ra1109 [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @Grumpicus: Free WiFi at AUS (and 46 other airports) for the next two months. Thanks @Google. http://www.freeholidaywifi.com/ #Austin [#]

twitter (feed #6) Refresh Austin kicked off. Mark Phillip is on stage explaining how to build extensions for Firefox, Fennec and Thunderbird. [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @slhernandez: My iPhone App has just been posted to the AppStore. URL Shortener – http://bit.ly/3T4iJO [Congrats Steve!] [#]

twitter (feed #6) Happy birthday @wcyarbrough! [#]

twitter (feed #6) Walmart’s datamining uncovered what people buy when there’s a hurricane coming: PopTarts and Beer. /by @bpm140 /via @mrflip [#]

twitter (feed #6) One of those days where an afternoon coffee is needed. It’s not always easy to stay alert when sitting in a darkened room. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Krumo: Version 2.0 of print_r(); and var_dump();: via @joemccann http://bit.ly/2rh3BS [#]

twitter (feed #6) News orgs shouldn’t use "Russia’s Leader" when speaking of anyone but Putin. Sure Medvedev is "President" but we know better. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Understanding Git Conceptually http://bit.ly/F8prN [#]

twitter (feed #6) If you’re in support, a great way to piss of those you are supposed to help is to reply with "That makes no sense." [#]

twitter (feed #6) I don’t care how many times I see it, an otter holding a beer is funny. [#]

twitter (feed #6) So, who’s up for lunch donuts? RT @hungryengineer: gourmet doughnuts – from a trailer – with meat: http://twurl.nl/shdfth [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Ajaxload – Ajax loading gif generator: A useful tool to build various throbbers or animated &quot.. http://www.ajaxload.info/ [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading MeasureMe Stick: " MeasureMe Stick transforms the traditional ruler into a playful, modern .. http://bit.ly/1sVsvk [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading An Introduction to CSS 2.1 and CSS 3: An easy to understand guide to CSS 2.1 & 3 selectors, .. http://bit.ly/3RXLIf [#]

twitter (feed #6) Very happy that I managed to get in a workout this afternoon. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Playing with the Calibre app to convert PDFs for my Kindle. [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @DoScott: My Parents were Awesome is Awesome http://myparentswereawesome.tumblr.com [#]

twitter (feed #6) Calibre app doesn’t like to load any PDFs on OS X, luckily Stanza works for converting. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Kindle Boards http://bit.ly/1s0hB4 [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading How to Add Custom Screensavers to Your Kindle 1, 2, or DX http://bit.ly/KPHnx [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Kindle screensaver images http://bit.ly/1oIZa1 [#]

twitter (feed #6) Firing up the grill for mini-burgers. This weather is absolutely perfect. I love Austin. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Date night: Pacquiao vs. Cotto with my lovely wife. Couch, tasty dinner, drinks, great fight, great night. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Penalty! Unnecessary Blandness! Redesigning the Worst NFL Helmet Graphics http://bit.ly/2a5X2k via @samuelyu [#]

twitter (feed #6) PAC-MAN!! Helluva fight. Can’t wait to see Manny take on Mayweather. [#]

Weekly Digest for November 9th

A collection of my actions and interactions from around the Net over the last week.

twitter (feed #6) Sweet, @seesmic has added Twitter Lists to the new beta of Seesmic Desktop. This makes it possible/useful to follow lists. [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @iTweetMeat: As meat ages, it tenderizes due to proteolysis (enzymatic breakdown of tissue). Calpains help make it happen. [#]

twitter (feed #6) ‘Evolution Sucks’ added a needed bit of humor to this long day: http://j.mp/3SNdFX. Nature & science rock. Via @kathysierra [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @lexfri: Sorry, Maine-based gay people. We have to protect marriage so only us straights can divorce one out of every two times. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Coda Clips: "Coda-Clips.com aims to build a comprehensive repository of Clips from our own libr.. http://coda-clips.com/ [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading The Art of Community Now Available For Free Download: via @wcyarbrough "a solid guide to bu.. http://bit.ly/33vjsJ [#]

twitter (feed #6) It is an absolutely gorgeous evening to work on the patio of the Draught House, which luckily I am. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Finally, technology is useful: Amazon will let me set up a subscription to have aftershave delivered to me on a regular basis. [#]

An impressive doc that "contains the full reference guide to WP Template Tags with detailed descriptions and sample code."

twitter (feed #6) Reading WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet: An impressive doc that "contains the full reference guide to .. http://bit.ly/aWCEo [#]

twitter (feed #6) OH "It’s not a hack… It’s cleverness" and"They’ll figure it out and realize what programming gods we are." [#]

twitter (feed #6) "Just go for it! A case against punting" very interesting: http://j.mp/2ZByPU via @jamessummerlin [#]

googlereader (feed #3) Shared Isolation

twitter (feed #6) Looking forward to my day off. Coffee and then maybe I’ll check some things off of my to do list. Then again, I may not. Wacky, I know. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Sweet, the new Macheist bundle is out with some nice little apps. Better yet, it’s free. Check it: http://www.macheist.com/ [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading jitouch – Multitouch Extension for MacBook’s Trackpad http://bit.ly/1aSCxq [#]

Weekly Digest for November 2nd

A collection of my actions and interactions from around the Net over the last week.

twitter (feed #6) RT @demandrichard: Hot off the presses; Demand Media is #31 on Comscore worldwide traffic listings — up from #42 last month! [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Herald: "Herald shows you popup notifications whenever you receive new Mail. It also allows.. http://bit.ly/9wbrO [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading 15 Ways to Improve CSS Techniques Using jQuery http://bit.ly/2z9TDH [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading CinchCast http://www.cinchcast.com/ [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @damon: to all of you who regularly miss @austinonrails meetings, you’re about to miss another great meeting this evening. condolences! [#]

twitter (feed #6) Hey @twfeed, what’s up with the long posting delays? As you just blogged about faster and more reliable publishing, I’d expect otherwise..? [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading 25 Hand Picked Best jQuery based WordPress Plugins: via @elijahmanor http://bit.ly/3rZv0y [#]

twitter (feed #6) ‘Google Groups is Dead’ http://j.mp/3JcttA @jresig nails many of the problems I’ve encountered managing the @RefreshAustin list [#]

twitter (feed #6) Working on wireframes while listening to a podcast about the Eastern Front (Germany / Russia) of World War II [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @damon: Announcing RubyDojo – A place to hang out and code Ruby before @austinonrails! http://rubydojo.org #austin #ruby (via @techpeace) [#]

twitter (feed #6) If Browsers were Archie Characters: http://j.mp/3E7t9U A good and pretty damn accurate comparison from @toddsieling. [#]

twitter (feed #6) It’s been a very productive evening, so now I’m putting down the comp and picking up a book. [#]

twitter (feed #6) A bit of (hidden) truth in Government communication: http://j.mp/3ZLLYq Schwarzenegger tells the State Assembly what he thinks. [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @jasonrutherford: It’s interesting how save icons haven’t progressed past the floppy disk yet. [#]

twitter (feed #6) What do you think should replace the ol’ floppy disk as the "save" icon in Web-based editors and desktop apps? [#]

flickr (feed #2) Shared 3 photos.

twitter (feed #6) Thanks to @drhayes @padrelife @lexfri for the Save icon replies. I’d love to hear more. I’ll post a wrap-up tomorrow or Friday w/ the ideas [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Underscore.js: via @damon. " Underscore is a utility-belt library for Javascript that provi.. http://bit.ly/2Gf31F [#]

delicious (feed #10) Shared 2 links.

twitter (feed #6) Hey Web folks, @linearb is looking for a designer to assist with a few small projects. @ him or e-mail <a href="mailto:design@geekaustin.org”>design@geekaustin.org [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Timeline: A "version control system built for designers who use Adobe Photoshop. Timeline f.. http://bit.ly/1YvCKl [#]

twitter (feed #6) Can’t wait for tonight’s conversations (community/politics/social media/??) w/ @chris_bailey at the Draughthouse. Join us if interested. [#]

twitter (feed #6) It feels amazing outside and it’s even better with a Live Oak Octoberfest at hand. Using the time to mindmap and plan. [#]

twitter (feed #6) This line is far too long, but there’s beer at the end of it, so I’ll stick it out. I wouldn’t mind better conversations to eaves drop on. [#]

twitter (feed #6) It’ll be interesting to see how/if Amazon’s new PayPhrase helps smaller sites improve the buying experience: http://j.mp/3T2gbX [#]

twitter (feed #6) "You sir are exactly the type of patron that I never want to see at an Alamo Drafthouse ever again." – @timalamo http://j.mp/mK0uB Hear Hear [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading IE8 Mode: A flow chart detailing how IE 8 chooses which of its four rendering mode to use for a .. http://bit.ly/DJXkw [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading HTML5 enabling script: "the only way to get IE to acknowledge the new elements, such as &lt.. http://bit.ly/3gMfwM [#]

twitter (feed #6) Reading Dive Into HTML5 http://diveintohtml5.org/ [#]

twitter (feed #6) Curious as to what a dumbass would do with a permanent marker? Here’s one option: http://j.mp/49zUr [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @SheilaS: Standard problem w/geek events: the mega-geeks are bored, the n00bs are lost. Tough to balance. [True of all I’ve been to] [#]

twitter (feed #6) I enjoy creating lists (http://twitter.com/BaldMan/lists) but I wish I could add a user anywhere I see their avatar. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Imminent impact @MacHeist (151.7,174.4) Witness it and get DaisyDisk ($20) for FREE to reclaim GBs of space on your Mac! http://macheist.com [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @atxryan: This may be the most awesome beard in the history of beards. http://is.gd/4Ji5B [Oh man, now that is cool] [#]

twitter (feed #6) Looking forward to our first Halloween in the new house. I can’t wait to see all the trick-or-treaters tonight. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Enjoying the weather as I sit on the back patio outlining some articles I want to write. [#]

delicious (feed #10) Shared Meat Hand

via @BBQAddictsJason Meatloaf shaped like a hand. Perfect for a creepy Halloween dinner.

twitter (feed #6) Reading Meat Hand: via @BBQAddictsJason Meatloaf shaped like a hand. Perfect for a creepy Halloween dinner. http://bit.ly/2rLtLP [#]

twitter (feed #6) Prepping tonight’s dinner of pineapple-shrimp skewers, while listening to podcasts. [#]

flickr (feed #2) Shared 3 photos.

twitter (feed #6) On our front porch with @sarahjoyjones to give out candy to monsters and princesses. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Took Ella for a walk. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in the center of Texas. I love Austin. [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @rsomers: Nothing’s so amusing as a cranky Facebook user demanding a return to last week’s FB. What’s next, nostalgia for the future? [#]

twitter (feed #6) Picking up dinner from House Pizzeria for a night on the couch watching Dexter and Mad Men with @sarahjoyjones. What a great weekend [#]