Weekly Digest for July 27th

A collection of my actions and interactions from around the Net over the last week.

twitter (feed #6) New Post: Weekly Digest for July 21st http://tr.im/tqPa [#]

twitter (feed #6) Woot! Demand Media videos have been over a billion times: http://tr.im/tv8Y That’s pretty damn cool. [#]

twitter (feed #6) A great example of why you shouldn’t use ‘password’ as your password: http://tr.im/pword [#]

twitter (feed #6) Calling it a night after a very productive day. My brain hurts from some complex discussions, but it’s the good hurt of a solid workout. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: jQuery Custom Events: They Will Rock Your World! http://tr.im/tJgR [#]

twitter (feed #6) Food is ordered and now we’re ready for Harry Potter to start. Yay weekend. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Very happy with my progress on boththe home and work fronts, so I’m at Jamba Juice for a small reward. I live Life on the edge. [#]

Weekly Digest for July 21st

A collection of my actions and interactions from around the Net over the last week.

twitter (feed #6) New Post: Weekly Digest for July 14th http://tr.im/snuB [#]

twitter (feed #6) Thanks to all who came out to tonight’s Refresh Austin and especially to our presenters. It was a great night all around. [#]

twitter (feed #6) New Post: Austin Cougars Index [Flickr] http://tr.im/srJ7 [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: Logitech Harmony remote and the Mac http://tr.im/ssbO [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: An Explanation of Photoshop Blend Modes: "I decided to use two different examples fo.. http://tr.im/ssbT [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: markItUp! Universal Markup Editor: A "JavaScript plugin built on the jQuery library… http://tr.im/suEg [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: You should follow me on Twitter http://tr.im/sxaw [#]

twitter (feed #6) RT @rsomers: Only in cyberspace does a comment like "is anyone here in London?" make any sense [#]

"An unnecessarily detailed exploration of an author’s book tour and subsequent thoughts on movies and media, social networks, web users’ experiences, and sometimes – netflix. Fun? No promises."

twitter (feed #6) :) RT @MusicThing Exciting to have @pluckcorp installed on Times Online. People recommending stories, commenting and (gasp) being nice… [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: DROIDMAKER book now downloadable, FREE!: "An unnecessarily detailed exploration of a.. http://tr.im/sD1d [#]

twitter (feed #6) Where did this day ago..? It’s much too early to be seven already. [#]

twitter (feed #6) At the Cedar Door, planning to hit the Drafthouse Ritz for The Hangover at 8:15 [#]

twitter (feed #6) Hangover was sold out, so after a dinner at Frank @sarahjoyjones and I are heading home. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Nice! TweetDeck makes it easier to report spam. Hover over their avatar > click gear icon > User > Block & Report Spam [#]

twitter (feed #6) Installing blinds isn’t hard, but damn it can be frustrating and take longer than expected… [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: Useful Harmony Links (updated 6/23/09) – Harmony Remote – General – Logitech Forums http://tr.im/t2Es [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: Definition of Delays/Repeats – Harmony Remote – General – Logitech Forums http://tr.im/t2Et [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: Icon Harmony: "Over 7100 icons are now available for all Harmony remotes that suppor.. http://tr.im/t2Eu [#]

Weekly Digest for July 14th

A collection of my actions and interactions from around the Net over the last week.

twitter (feed #6) New Post: Weekly Digest for July 13th http://tr.im/scRg [#]

twitter (feed #6) Wrpped up a pretty good workout this morning, especially considering I hadn’t worked out for 6 weeks. Feeling good. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: Create a Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal Sliding Content Website with jQuery http://tr.im/shUR [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: jQTouch: "A jQuery plugin with native animations, auto list navigation, and default ap.. http://www.jqtouch.com/ [#]

twitter (feed #6) Wow @bobdono thanks for the recommendation of an affiliate site not related to what I posted. I returned the favor and reported you to @spam [#]

twitter (feed #6) Austin Refreshers: @cecycorrea wants to record tonight’s meeting but needs a tripod. Do you have one she can borrow? Please @ her if so. :) [#]

amazon (feed #9) Wants 2 items.

Weekly Digest for July 13th

A collection of my actions and interactions from around the Net over the last week.

twitter (feed #6) New Post: links for 2009-07-06 http://tr.im/rbuU [#]

twitter (feed #6) Google Chrome OS: http://tr.im/chros "open source, lightweight operating system…targeted at netbooks" Interesting times… [#]

twitter (feed #6) Wired’s take on Google Chrome OS hits some key points: http://tr.im/chros2 [#]

twitter (feed #6) This proved to be an insanely productive day on several fronts and I’m already looking forward to crushing tomorrow. [#]

twitter (feed #6) Looking forward to hitting the Gingerman tonight. Who’s going to be there for the Austin Tweetup? http://twtvite.com/ft1c8r [#]

twitter (feed #6) Sony announces content partners for its Internet TV platform including Netflix, Livestrong.com, eHow/Demand Media. via @omarg [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: Helveticons: "Royalty-free vector icons, glyphs and symbols based on the Helvetica Bold.. http://helveticons.ch/ [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: iPhone-like password fields using jQuery http://tr.im/rAGv [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: Blend, a jQuery plugin effect for CSS backgrounds: "A jQuery based animation/effects.. http://tr.im/rAGz [#]

twitter (feed #6) Just commented on @jowyang‘s latest post ‘Email: The First –and Largest– Social Network’: http://tr.im/rALf What do y’all think? [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: FireQuery: "FireQuery is a collection of Firebug enhancements for jQuery" http://tr.im/rBB6 [#]

twitter (feed #6) "We think the packets are being devoured by Nidhoggr, the Net Serpent" http://tr.im/rDB0 I *knew* there was a Net Serpent [#]

twitter (feed #6) Wrapping up a bit early today to enjoy the Austn Tweetup. Who’ll be at the Gingerman tonight? [#]

twitter (feed #6) Snagging a couple slices before @sarahjoyjones and I join @Yehaskel at Club Deville. [#]

twitter (feed #6) New Post: links for 2009-07-09 http://tr.im/rH5B [#]

"queue & dequeue are a pair of core data utilities that help you to add your own bespoke to animations. "

twitter (feed #6) I had a blast at the Tweetup last night and got to catch up with and meet some great folks. Sorry I didn’t get to meet everyone – next time! [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: API: queue & dequeue: "queue & dequeue are a pair of core data utilities that he.. http://tr.im/rP4W [#]

twitter (feed #6) New Post: links for 2009-07-10 http://tr.im/rQPK [#]

twitter (feed #6) Experimenting a bit this morning. Going to try making a breakfast casserole with the left over cornbread Sarah made (mmm). [#]

twitter (feed #6) Cleaning the house and making small repairs. This afternoon is Barbecue, Beer, and WordPress at @pat_ramsey‘s place. [#]

flickr (feed #2) Shared 6 photos.

twitter (feed #6) New Post: Fully Baked Casserole [Flickr] http://tr.im/rUq3 [#]

twitter (feed #6) New Post: Close up of the Baked Casserole [Flickr] http://tr.im/rUq7 [#]

twitter (feed #6) Wow, I’m not fond of the changes to the plugin management page in WordPress 2.8. The All view should still provide separate sections. [#]

twitter (feed #6) It’s Hot, Damn Hot. – check out these Infographics tracking 100+ degree days in Austin from @infochimps: http://tr.im/damnhot [#]

"Lifestream is a plugin built on top of the WordPress platform. It allows you to effortlessly integrate your social network activity across the web with your blog."

The extensibility and themes make this a very useful plugin, though there are still some gaps and areas where there should be better separation of content from the core library.

twitter (feed #6) "Time Has Come To Regulate Search Engine Marketing And SEO" http://tr.im/s7bt No, it hasn’t. This is either FUD or ignorance [#

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: Lifestream for WordPress: "Lifestream is a plugin built on top of the WordPress plat.. http://tr.im/s7TX [#]

twitter (feed #6) Bookmarked: Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive http://tr.im/s7U0 [#]

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