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  • "Design Chat is a weekly real-time twitter-based conversation between creatives."
  • Some senators like to filibuster and keep the majority from having their way. You might think they’re heroes. Or jackasses. Either way, they’re worth keeping track of.
  • "Since Braid's release, we've been more than entertained by the creative initiative of fans (in the forms of papercraft and comics, for example). This being Web 2.0 and all, we thought we'd throw some more material out there for people to use as they like. All the graphics on this page were created for Braid; they're the same images you see when you play the game."
  • "Add the ability to make elements "glow" when you hover over them. For browsers that support the text-shadow CSS property, you can also add a halo."
  • "Web fonts let you link any TrueType fonts into your web pages using CSS, freeing you from the old limited set of standard fonts. They are supported in all modern (well, future) browsers: Firefox 3.1+, Opera 10+, Safari 3.1+, and also IE4+.

    "Page download size is critical as it directly affects the performance experienced by users, and many TTF files are hundreds of kilobytes in size. This web service makes web fonts more efficient, stripping out the thousands of characters that you don't need and leaving only those you want, while preserving the high-quality rendering features that the fonts may include. "

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  • "coded real-world examples of themeable buttons and toolbars using the jQuery UI CSS framework, a system of classes developed for jQuery UI widgets that can easily be applied to any plugin, and even static content."
  • "The jStore jQuery Plugin allows users to access a number of different client-side storage engines through a single, convenient interface. jStore can manage a number of different storage engines at once, allowing for the possibility of different storage engines performing different tasks on a single page."
  • "Can I build my own house? That was the question I asked before I started construction in February of 2007. Nine months later in October of 2008 we were moving into our new house with instant equity. I started this blog to share what I learned during the process. I also created a great tool to help you in just about every step of building your own house. "

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