John Wayne, Fish Scales and Type

I recently discovered a great link in my design feeds, pointing me to the site I Love Typography, which is well on its way to becoming a great resource for designers and all those with an interest in type The most recent post, Who Shot the Serif?, is a tremendous introduction to the terminology used to describe serif fonts and makes any typographic discussion a bit more accessible to those without formal education in the field. Add a pinch of humor, and you’ve got a rocking article! Check it out, even if you aren’t a designer, you’ll learn something interesting for the day.


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    Heh, thanks! I dig how your site is opening up the world of typography. I have a base-line understanding of it, but I am definitely skewed towards the Web design side of things, so my knowledge is limited. Thanks to you, I know more about typography, and thus it’ll be a bit easier for me to keep up with my wife, a print designer when we are talking about good and bad type.

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