From Subject Received Size Categories

Domain Squatter So, I accidentally dragged some messages from Outlook onto Firefox a minute ago and was delivered to, which, upon inspection reveals itself to be made up of the heading names of the columns I use to sort my e-mail. While I’m not going to reward them with a link, I’ve included a screen shot (click on the thumbnail for a large view) so you can see that it is the typical squatter’s fare.

I’m curious as to how many variants they have running to account for all of the different combinations of columns and order. If I wasn’t so amused by the pathetic nature of companies that do this crap, I’d cry for the brain cells, energy and time lost to such dumb pursuits. They should be doing something worthwhile. Like cutting my lawn with those snub-nosed scissors they give first graders or testing how long a human can exist in space without a pressurized suit.


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    That is too funny sad. I just tested it myself from my own Outlook and it there is also a, but it appears to be from a different squatter.

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    I’ve removed the www from the URL to kill the auto-link. It is sad, and yet funny that there is some competition for these sites.

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    Nice David. :) A quick look at Google indicates that this post is at the top of the list for the phrase “from subject received size categories”. I am an SEO wizard.

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