Fixing the WordPress Theme Reset Problem

As I posted in the WordPress forums I’ve run into an odd problem – WordPress occasionally resets my theme to the default version, which is annoying to say the least. After a lot of digging, I learned that the likely culprit is a bit of code in WP meant to protect the user from bad themes, but which has had the opposite effect for me and many other users. Luckily, others have already reported the bug and filed a patch, but the fix won’t be released until the next version of WordPress (2.4), which is slated for late January.

So, I decided to go out on a limb and make the change in my local version with the expectation that the file will be overwritten when I upgrade to the latest and greatest. So, I modified one line as indicated in Changeset 6325, commenting out line 269 of wp-settings.php, which contained validate_current_theme();.

I’m not positive that this will fix the issue, but all of the signs point in the right direction. As the fix is simple, and has been made to 2.4, I feel relatively confident that it is a safe move on my part. I’ll keep an eye on my site and post updates as needed.

Many thanks go out to the great folks constantly improving WordPress!

Update: Well, that theory didn’t last too long. When I hit the site this morning my theme had reset. Grrr.


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    Yeah, it’s very annoying. I fell back to the old trick of replacing the default theme with a copy of my theme to ensure that the proper design shows up even if WordPress experiences problems.


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