Whiteboard Walls

Kevin Kelly’s site, Cool Tools has posted a great tip about one of my favorite tools: white boards. As a geek, I love the ability to quickly sketch out a flow chart, rough UI design or a task list on my office white board. While I have a small white board in my home office, I dream of a day that I can have an entire wall covered with marker board.

The post provides a great amount of detail concerning the options available, breaking it down into two options, “cheap” and “best”. The latter option is made of metal coated in ceramic, so it becomes much more useful as you can utilize magnets, eliminating the need for a separate cork board.


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    Eelco, those whiteboards are great! Now if only we could get them in the U.S. Well, I’d still have to justify the need for one at home, but I’d love to have a set!

    Oh, and I can’t quite tell from the photos, bu it would be great if there was a model that could be used from either side and perhaps had flexible connections so it could be used as a room divider. Small offices would gain a lot from that – a bit of separation, plus whiteboards, no matter what their environment is.

    Thanks for letting me know about this!

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