MAMP, packaged by webEdition, looks to be quite useful:

MAMP installs a local server enviroment in a matter of seconds on your Mac OS X computer, be it PowerBook or iMac. Like similar packages from the Windows- and Linux-world, MAMP comes free of charge.

MAMP is installed in the typical Mac fashion: very easily. MAMP will not compromise any existing Apache installation already running with your OS X. You can install Apache, PHP and MySQL without starting a script or having to change any configuration files!

Being a PHP Lumberjack

Being a PHP Lumberjack is a great article on the importance of logging within PHP. While I already use some of the methods shown in the article, I learned a lot, and I plan to implement the ideas in my work. The article does a great job describing the various options available, and more importantly, discusses the times to use each.

The non-typographer's guide to practical typeface selection

The non-typographer’s guide to practical typeface selection provides some great advice for those of us who are not typographers. While I have a decent understanding of the basics of type, the details can get confusing pretty quickly. Luckily, Sarah is spending a lot of time learning typography, so I can start hitting her up for information!

While you’re at it, you may want to read Web typography still sucks as well.

Whiteboard Walls

Kevin Kelly’s site, Cool Tools has posted a great tip about one of my favorite tools: white boards. As a geek, I love the ability to quickly sketch out a flow chart, rough UI design or a task list on my office white board. While I have a small white board in my home office, I dream of a day that I can have an entire wall covered with marker board.

The post provides a great amount of detail concerning the options available, breaking it down into two options, “cheap” and “best”. The latter option is made of metal coated in ceramic, so it becomes much more useful as you can utilize magnets, eliminating the need for a separate cork board.


Aluma Frame Picture taken from the Official Aluma Designs Web site

Aluma produces framing systems out of perforated aluminum, which provides an amazing amount of creative flexibility. I would love to get a several frames, in varying sizes (and perhaps colors) when Sarah and I have bought our house. The style wold match my computer desk perfectly, establishing a modern feel in my office.


One of the areas that I am most excited about in switching to a Mac is the ability to utilize scripting for various tasks. My knowledge of PHP and Perl will be quite useful in creating various tools, and I look forward to learning other languages to extend my capabilities.

While some of these tools will be automated, or easily run from the command line, others will prove much more useful if they use a graphical interface. Enter Pashua, “a tool for creating native Aqua dialog windows for Perl, PHP, Tcl, Python, Ruby, Rexx and shell scripts as well as AppleScript.” It looks to be a great tool for learning the ropes along the way to developing in Cocoa and other OS X languages.

Hat tip to Mac Geekery for introducing me to Pashua.

I love the OS X community.