1. johnj says

    INDUCE origin exposed

    Sen Hatch is a devote Morman.

    The Mormon church owns the patent and all rights to the Dolbey system.

    They get a piece of every penny spent for cd’s, dvd’s and anything produced with Dolbey.

    The Mormon church decided file sharing and anything that provides that ability
    is stealing from them.

    The church elders gave Hatch his orders to stop that from happening.

    It has nothing to do with artist getting paid for thier work.

  2. says

    John, thanks for replying!

    I haven’t heard of the Mormon-Dolby connection and have been unable to find any information inter-linking the two via Google. As I am rather skeptical of this theory, I would appreciate an unbiased resource of information that demonstrates the connection. Could you list a few sites?

  3. Tim Huntzinger says

    Um…That Dolby LDS church stuff is pure crap. Where did you dig that one up? No self respecting church could justify garnishing kick backs from CD/DVD sales. Much less one as tight collared as the Mormon Church. Britney Spears is funding a Church? No wait, the people who made “Buffy Does New York” are paying for baptisms? That’s like saying the Jehovah Witnesses are funding Christmas parties or Amish are running Electronics stores. It’s true that the whole file sharing restriction idiocy has nothing to do with artists getting paid for their work but blame the fat cats that are REALLY putting the money in their pockets, the RIAA and The music executives, not religious entities that couldn’t care less if the whole modern music industry dried up and blew away.

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